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The world's first waterproofing system engineered for below slab and blind side applications, Preprufe has been installed and proven in some of the most challenging building projects worldwide. Composed of resilient HDPE layers, Preprufe is inherently waterproof, with excellent chemical resistance and low vapour permeability.

Grace's patented Advanced Bond Technology™ enables concrete to aggressively adhere to Preprufe. Preprufe's full and unique bond to concrete prevents any water tracking between the waterproofing and the structure. The Preprufe seal to concrete remains unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs.
Preprufe® Plus, the new generation of Preprufe, has a stronger and more robust overlap seam that can be used even in marginal weather conditions and harsh climates. Now, with no release liner, waste is reduced and a quicker installation with the kick-out roll helps to further reduce labour costs and program times.


grace 1• Continuous adhesive bond to poured concrete
• Zero water tracking for low cost leak remediation
• Preprufe® Ziplap™, fully and strong sealed laps that also maintain continuous bond to concrete
• Fully sealed laps that also maintain continuous bond to concrete
• Water, vapour and gas proof
• Positive side barrier against aggressive ground conditions for slab and blindside walls
• Unaffected by ground settlement
• Lightweight, fast and easy to install
• Lightweight and easy to install
• Backed by Grace expertise
• Proven performance on major projects worldwide


• Basements
• Underground parking
• Foundations
• Tunnels
• Subway/Mass Rapid Transit
• Contaminated or "brownfield" areas
• Libraries and archives
• Underpasses
• Retaining walls

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