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Since its foundation in 1985, INTERTECTRA has been one of the leading companies in the waterproofing services and insulation systems and has constantly strived for the latest innovations and trends in the waterproofing solutions with high standard commitment.

As waterproofing protection is relatively a main component of overall construction costs, it is a vital ingredient to successful project completion and longevity. We back up architects and builders with technical solutions and specifications for waterproofing systems in both concept and execution details for all construction fields.

As one of the leading names in waterproofing, INTERTECTRA offers the following works and services:


• Waterproofing membranes for all types of buildings and structures:
o Bituminous Membrane
o PVC Tanking Systems
o HDPE Waterproofing and Bentonite membranes 
o Geomembrane for underground civil works, tunnels, ponds, metros, reservoirs and basins
o Preprufe systems (Grace) a fully bended membrane totally adhered to the concrete structure

• Liquid Waterproofing:

o Epoxy (structural repair injection)
o Polyurethane (waterproofing repair and filling repair injection)
o Vinyl ester ( resin treatment)
o Cementitious liquid products for concrete protection, swimming pools, and potable water reservoirs.
o Bituminous liquid based products for underground and under tiles concrete protection.
o Filling Acrylic Resin Injection for waterproofing.
o Glass Reinforced Plastic – GRP systems For resistance of aggressive liquid


• Roof covers and Waterproofing:

o Roof Tiles
o Zinc Imitation Membrane
o Metal Roofing


• Façade Treatment

o Waterproofing Paints
o Stone Cladding
o Metal Cladding